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Particularly pampered by the nature, our big island in the Indian Ocean is globally known for its’ richness in biodiversity. On a world scale, Madagascar represents exceptional diversity making it one of the most important regions in terms of rare habitats and leading species. 80% of the animal species and 90% of vegetation is endemic to Madagascar. lemurs are known worldwide, but the red island counts several endemic species of chameleons, fossa’s, frogs, birds, snakes, jumping rats, baobabs, carnivorous plants, orchids and many more strange “living beings”! With 80% of its flora, 40% of its birds, 98% of its reptiles being endemic. From rain forest to desert, from limestone pinnacle forests to white paradise beaches to highland mountains, it’s all scattered across this impressive island. You have to travel to Madagascar and experience it for yourself to actually believe it.

Ramartour is happy to introduce you to Madagascar’s amazing flora and fauna.